Electro-insulating and construction materials

Phenolic cotton cloth laminated sheets

The phenolic cotton cloth laminated sheets are manufactured during hot pressed of two or more payers cotton cloth, impregnated with synthetic thermo-reactive resins from phenol and cresol- phormaldehide types, mix from these reins and their modifications. It is manufactured from cotton cloths and specially selected high quality phenolic resins, thickness from 0,5mm up to 100mm, with good mechanical properties, used for constructive details, gears, rollers, rolls, sliders, others.

The phenolic cotton moulded rods are manufactured in mould of cotton cloth, impregnated with thermo-reactive resins from phenolic types. The possible sizes are from diameter Ø 10 to Ø 200. Used for manufacturing of gears, inserts, wheels, axes, bearings, also insulation in machines and apparatus.