Electro-insulating and construction materials


Main application – electric, thermal and mechanical insulation in manufacturing and repair of motors, transformers, electro-welding apparatus, electric machines, light panels, electric devices. The sleevings are very flexible. The surface is smooth and do not stick, easy to use.
They are manufactured with modern technology. Inside diameter from 0,5 to 18mm.
Breakdown voltage 1 to 8 KV.

Delivered on rolls, or cut per 1 meter.

Depending on thermal-resistance of the electro-insulating resins, the sleevings are as follows:

  • PU-impregnated with polyurethane resin
       Thermal class F: 155°С
       Color: neutral or color
  • Silicone-extruded with silicone
       Thermal class H: 180°С
       Thermal class C: 230°С
       Color: white or color
  • Poly-vinyl-impregnated with PV resin
       Thermal class F: 155°С
       Color: neutral with color strips or color
  • Acrylic-impregnated with acrylic resin
       Thermal class F: 155°С
       Color: yeallow or color
  • Silicone-impregnated with silicone resin
       Thermal class H: 180°С
       Color: red

Thermal and mechanical protection

A glass tube with inside diameter from 0,5 to 20mm, woven with glass yarn. Resistible up to +500°С

A glass leeving with inside diameter from 0,5 to 18mm – woven with glass yarn and impregnated with thermal-resistible rein.
Color: white or black.
Resistance: up to +300°С

Glass sleeving: black or white
Material: glass yarn
Thermal –resistance: 500°C
Sizes and packages:
   Inside diameter 0,5 – 18mm
   Packages – on rolls
Color: black or white
Application: Thermal insulation in ovens, dryers channels, cooking ovens, eletric device.