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Ceramic paper Technical rubber sheets Glass-textured foil Silicone rubber wire Christmas decorations Delivery on request Glass-sleevings Glass and ceramic tapes Glass-roving tubes Ceramic wadding Glass and ceramic strings and ropes Polystyrol Banding tapes Silicone rubber Polyamide Epoxy glass cloth laminated sheets Glass/Ceramic packings and ropes Street LED lighting and spotlights Mobile loading / unloading ramp Polyethylene Brake band Electro-insulating board (PRESHPAN) Channel seals (wedges) Polypropylene (PP) Floor rubber sheet Preparing packing and shipping Cold laminating machine Vinil pipe Teflon strip (expanded teflon) PTFE glass fabric Inventory PTFE pipe Pvc tape Epoxy-phenolic glass cloth laminated sheets Jointing sheets – PARONIT, KLINGERIT Cutting materials Granitogres granite and stone wool TEFLON (Poly-tetra-fluor-ethylene) Landing activity Repair of electric motors Silicone cables Electro-insulating board (PRESHPAN) Ceramic yarn High temperature resistant glass tubes Floor rubber sheet Glass and varnish cloths Polyethylene (PЕ) Micanite (mucinate) Teflon ( PTFE ) Phenolic-paper laminated sheets Cotton rags Gland Packings Polyether ether ketone Phenolic cotton cloth laminated sheets PTFE glass fabric with-witout adhesive layer Polyacetal Glass roving Plexiglass Technical felt (felt) Polypropylene Ceramic Cloth and Ceramic Cardboard Micanit (mica-material) Channel isolation Polyamide Phenolic cotton cloth laminated sheets Polyvinyl chloride Pads are surfing and catching Polyacetal Glass fabric (canvas) Heat shrinkable tubing Polyvinyl chloride (foamed PVC) Granular mineral wool (rock wool) Plastic bags Plexiglass Teflon ( PTFE ) Electro-insulating board (PRESHPAN) Rubber cord Polyurethane PU Express delivery - air or courier

Electro-insulating and construction materials

The company ELECTRA LTD is established in 1994 in town Rousse, and accepted the activity of company LIPNIK. The main activity of the company is import and trade with electro-insulating materials.

The ELEKTRA LTD is established in 2001 as Limited Liacity Company. It continues the traditions of the previous companies. The main purposes are correct and fair relations with all partners and customers. Based on the long-year experience, good knowledge of the materials, we work for good services for all customers, establishing of long-term trade relations and mutual profits.